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Priorities for High School Seniors for this School Year

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

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Now that the school year is about to start if it hasn’t already done so in your area, here are some things that Seniors should keep in mind for this fall to get the most out of this school year. First, Now is the time to set the fall dates for your final ACT, SAT, and SAT subject tests if that’s still on your to do list. These should be completed by November to remain on a traditional college application schedule.

Next, you should be completing your list of college applications (including the Common Application, of course), and their respective deadlines, which can be efficiently accomplished with a college application tracking worksheet. Meanwhile, continue working on the essays, as it’s remarkable how every time you revisit a piece of your own writing something jumps out that can be improved; and it’s in your best interests to polish them as much as you can right up to the point of submission.

Make sure you are including all of your accomplishments on your resume, such as any jobs you’ve held, any volunteer projects you’ve participated in, and any clubs or organizations you’re a member of to give the college admissions personnel a better idea of who you are. Be sure to also give this information to the teachers who are writing letters of recommendation for you, and please don’t forget to thank those teachers, as they’ve taken their valuable time to help you and many other students.

Finally, plan to visit the colleges on your list if you can. There is no substitute for how actually being at a place, taking in the atmosphere, and talking to the people can inform you as to what is the best choice for you. Have a great year, Seniors!

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